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Administrative Review


An aggrieved bidder in a procurement process who is dissatisfied with the bidding process may seek an administrative review of the entire procurement proceedings by:

  1. Submitting a written compliant to the Accounting Officer of the Procuring Entity that conducted the proceeding within 15 working days;
    1. The Accounting Officer shall make a decision on the complaint within 15 working
    2. Submit another written complaint to the Bureau within 10 days if not satisfied with the decision.
  1. The Bureau shall promptly treat the complaint by:
    1. Giving notice to the procuring entity, and
    2. Unless the Bureau dismisses the complaint it shall; 
      1. Prohibit a procuring entity from taking any further Action;
      2. Nullify in whole or in part an unlawful act or decision made by the procuring entity;
      3. Declare the rules or principles that govern the subject matter of the complaint
      4. Revise an improper decision by the procuring or disposing entity or substitute the Bureau’s decision for such a decision
    3. The Bureau shall make its decision within 21 working days.
  1. Mediation: The aggrieved bidder if not satisfied with the decision of the Bureau shall thereafter refer the complaint without a legal representation to single mediator for resolution.
  2. Arbitration: The bidder if not satisfied with the decision of the Mediator shall refer the complaint for arbitration by a single Arbitrator.

NOTE: Where parties failed to agree on an arbitrator, one shall be nominated by the President of a body that regulates the profession to which the nature of the dispute relates and this avenue shall be final

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